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Beat Cancer.
-Kids Games-
-Face Painting-
-Lemonade Stand-
April 21st 10am-1pm
at Harbor Inn Seafood 321 Haywood Rd Greenville SC
Donations Accepted, 10% of Food Purchases Also Donated
Free Admission Sponsored by: Timbertech and Harbor Inn Seafood.


The Story

On January 4, 2018, I found out that my mom had cancer. She told me in December of 2017 that she had a 5-inch tumor in her chest, and a month later, told me that the doctors had found it was cancerous.

For those of you who don’t know, when I was only three years old, and when my sister, Mia, was only six months old, my dad passed away from cancer. He had just turned 34. I did not have a long time with my dad and can only remember things about him from stories I have been told. In November of last year my Aunt Katie died from cancer. She was only 36. On January 4, I asked myself how God could possibly allow my mom to have cancer, when my family had already been through this twice.

My mom is the STRONGEST woman I know. She watched her husband pass away, leaving her with two young children. She watched her father pass away, also from cancer. She watched my aunt pass away from cancer. She has done the job of TWO parents, as only ONE. She chose to homeschool us, bring us up in church, and only take little jobs so that she didn’t have to leave us during the day. My mom is an extremely humble person. She is known for her generosity and giving spirit, even though she has often been in need all of these years. She has given help when she has needed it more.

Because my mom would never ask for help, I am asking for her. My mom is choosing to take the alternative medicine route. In short, she is not doing chemotherapy, surgery, or taking any traditional medicinal paths. Alternative medicine is a little known form of treatment. Twice a week for the past six weeks, my mom has driven a great distance to go to her doctors clinic. My mom also completes several other treatments locally, in addition to her alternative therapy. Because cancer feeds off of sugar, my mom has altered her diet significantly. She must eat ALL organic foods. If it is not organic, she can not have it. She can not eat at most restaurants because of the ingredients that they use. If you have ever bought anything organic, you know it is extremely expensive.

My mom is still healthy and her quality of life has not deteriorated. Nonetheless, her treatment is still expensive and she will be continuing it until her tumor is completely gone. Before she chose to go with the alternative route, she had a biopsy. That ONE visit to the hospital totaled nearly $13,000. My mom has not worked full time since my dad died, just part time in addition to other little jobs, because she wanted to spend as much time as possible with us. Although she is still healthy, she is in no position to work full time to support her expenses. The alternative treatments have also tacked on to her $13,000 hospital bill. But she must continue with these treatments. Her diet is also extremely expensive because she must eat all organic foods.

If you can give to help my mom, my family would be forever grateful. Every dollar helps. If you can’t give, that is okay, we would simply ask for your prayers because a community of prayer to the LORD is the greatest benefit my mom could receive. If you can also share this post, it would be a huge blessing – it only takes a few seconds. Or, you can just share my mom’s “YouCaring” link. Whatever you can do helps, whether that is just prayer or contributing to my moms medical funds. We are eternally thankful to each and everyone of you involved in this process. And whatever happens, you can know, as we do, that God has a plan. Thank you.


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